Business Groups to Governor and Legislature: Finish The Job

A coalition of Michigan business groups spoke today to commend efforts to repeal the MBT surcharge and legislative leadership on balancing the state budget without tax increases. Further the group encouraged the Governor to approve the budget passed by the Legislature and encouraged the Legislature to act now on significant structural reforms to prevent future budget calamities.

  --  RICH STUDLEY, President & CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce,
      echoed the sentiment of business leaders by citing Michigan's need for
      a strong and growing economy to keep and attract families and job
      providers to the state.

"Michigan's taxpayers continue to struggle and its tax-base continues to decline," Studley said. "Clearly this is not an issue of a lack of ideas -- it is an issue of political will and the need for leadership. The Michigan Chamber, and the business community at large, has endorsed numerous cost-saving reforms that ease the burden on Michigan residents. This is a good opportunity to help improve our economy, and we call on the House to act."

  --  CHARLIE OWENS, State Director for NFIB Michigan, said reform is a
      necessary component to balancing the budget and to improving the
      state's business climate.

"Now is the time for a comprehensive solution to balance the state budget," said Owens. "The Senate has already taken action to do this by eliminating the jobs - killing MBT surcharge and through other cost saving reforms and reduced government spending. We need a strong, thriving business community to propel Michigan forward and it starts by killing this jobs killing surcharge. The ball is in the state House's court, and I urge them to act quickly."

  --  SARAH HUBBARD, Vice President of the Detroit Regional Chamber, said
      the following:

"There are a number of reforms on the table that our members support, chief among them is repealing the MBT surcharge," said Hubbard. "The Legislature is quickly approaching another budget deadline, and we hope the House will refocus its efforts and move forward with these reforms. The time is now to get the job done to move Michigan's economy and grow jobs."

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