Michigan Chamber Blows Whistle Over Illegal Expenditures By Wayne State University in Its Advocacy of Minimum Wage Petition Drive

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce announced today it is filing a Campaign Finance complaint against Wayne State University with the Michigan Department of State to halt their misuse of tax dollars.

"Wayne State University is using public resources, including its website, to assist the Michigan Wage Building Coalition in its efforts to place a minimum wage ballot question on the November 2006 ballot," said Robert LaBrant, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for the Michigan Chamber.

"Wayne State University, as a public body, is prohibited by Section 57 of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act from making any 'expenditures' to help in the qualification or passage of a ballot question," added LaBrant, who noted that "Wayne State University's Labor Studies Center has long been viewed as a wholly owned subsidiary of the UAW."

"It's disappointing that an academic institution would allow itself to be so politically manipulated," LaBrant continued. "Lack of oversight by Wayne State University's administration and Board of Governors of their Labor Studies Center has led to this campaign finance violation."

"Wayne State University's President, Irvin Reid, needs to closely monitor the activities of the Labor Studies Center and put a stop to their illegal campaign activity," concluded LaBrant.

The Michigan Chamber is a statewide business organization which represents more than 6,800 employers, trade associations and local chambers of commerce. The Michigan Chamber was established in 1959 to be an advocate for Michigan's job providers in the legislative, political and legal process.

Note: For more information on the Michigan Wage Building Coalition, go to http://www.laborstudies.wayne.edu/wage/index.htm .

SOURCE: Michigan Chamber of Commerce

CONTACT: Robert LaBrant of Michigan Chamber of Commerce,

Web site: http://www.michamber.com/