Michigan Chamber of Commerce Introduces www.Michigan-Talent.com
Michigan Jobs for Michigan Talent

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce announces the launch of www.Michigan-Talent.com , a program specifically designed to assist in answering the call to help Michigan-based companies and Michigan-trained talent to prosper in the Great Lakes State.

"The state has lost 170,000 jobs in the past three years. This trend has got to be reversed," stated Jock Aikman, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the Michigan Chamber. "The State of Michigan, through its many outstanding colleges and universities, continues to produce extraordinary human talent, talent we cannot afford to lose."

"Michigan-based companies, in spite of a difficult economy, are constantly seeking new talent for replacement or expansion purposes," noted Aikman. "There are jobs available in Michigan, including full-time, part-time, seasonal, internships and not-for-profit. The 'Michigan-Talent' program will bring together the talent base of alumni and students from Michigan colleges and universities and job opportunities from Michigan companies, both large and small."

Based upon extensive research and evaluation, the Michigan Chamber has selected a solutions provider to be the technical engine for the online program. "We selected Talentology LLC to power this program because their technology does more than simply post jobs and store resumes," Aikman explained. "Through the use of a very sophisticated mathematical algorithm, candidates are sorted, matched and percentage ranked, thus drastically reducing the time, resources and money it takes to find the best qualified candidate."

Working together, the Michigan Chamber and Talentology LLC have initially secured the participation of more than 20 of Michigan's leading colleges and universities. These institutions will be actively promoting the websites www.College-Talent.com and www.University-Talent.com to their students and alumni. The Michigan Chamber is providing its member companies the opportunity to post job opportunities and search through the talent database at www.Michigan-Talent.com at no cost.

Here's how the program works: At their respective websites, both sides of the employment transaction create profiles. Employers, placement agencies and job search organizations create job opportunity profiles and job seekers create career profiles from a common language library of over 12,000 unique occupational skills. The skills are categorized and searchable for easy access. The fact that employers, placement agencies, job search organizations and job seekers are using identical terminology allows the Talentology software to provide highly accurate percentage rankings. "Employers will instantly know who the best candidates are and job seekers can identify the best opportunities," said Talentology CEO, Frank Pirri.

Other aspects of the Talentology software that led to its selection by the Michigan Chamber include job seeker anonymity, moderate pay-for-performance pricing, and the ability of the software to track and report interview statistics.

"Since the system manages the entire process of an employer extending an interview invitation to a job seeker, we will be able to accurately report on the success metrics of the program, something very important to our educational partners," stated Aikman. "Talentology has managed to create an offering that will serve all sectors -- manufacturing and services -- of our membership base."

Talentology automatically protects the confidentiality of its job seekers. Employers will only receive the contact information of a job seeker after there is an agreement to interview on both sides. Additionally, employers are not charged any fees for the service until an interview invitation is accepted by the applicant. The modest flat fee structure is unique in that it comes with a 100% guarantee for a completed interview. To ensure a constant flow of interested and qualified applicants, every job applicant who registers with Talentology earns frequent flyer miles each time they agree to interview with a new employer.

"From the moment they arrive at www.Michigan-Talent.com , employers, placement agencies and job search organizations will no longer need to waste their time and recruitment budgets filtering through meaningless matches generated by traditional keyword and resume searches," explained Pirri. "The Talentology technology connects the right job opportunity with the right person each and every time."

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce is a statewide business organization that represents approximately 6,500 employers, trade associations and local chambers of commerce. The Michigan Chamber was established in 1959 to be an advocate for Michigan's job providers in the legislative, political and legal process.

Talentology.com(SM), seamlessly integrated with its complementary corporate tool, PeopleFilter(SM), is dedicated to creating innovative channels for career building online. Talentology LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of ProFind, Inc. More information can be found at www.talentology.com and www.peoplefilter.com .

SOURCE: Michigan Chamber of Commerce

CONTACT: Jock Aikman, Senior Vice President, Marketing of Michigan
Chamber of Commerce, +1-517-333-8624, Ext. 202

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