K-16 Coalition Dwindles to K-14; Who Drops Out Next? Asks Coalition to Stop the K-16 Spending Mandate

The Coalition to Stop the K-16 Spending Mandate, a growing alliance of over 35 taxpayer, local government, law enforcement, and healthcare organizations, today applauded the Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan for withdrawing from the K-16 Coalition for Michigan's Future.

"We commend the Presidents Council for withdrawing their support of the K-16 guaranteed spending mandate," said Chief Ervin Portis, Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. "We agree with Presidents Council Executive Director Mike Boulus that ballot proposals that threaten the general fund are a bad idea."

Earlier this week, the Presidents Council told Gongwer News Service that they were pulling out of the K-16 Coalition for Michigan's Future.

"This sends a clear message that the state universities agree accountability is important," said Tricia Kinley, Director of Tax Policy and Economic Development for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Coalition to Stop the K-16 Spending Mandate. "What isn't clear is where the Michigan Community College Association stands on the proposal," Kinley noted. "Their representatives have indicated they are a member of the spending coalition ... but remain neutral on the proposal.

"Proponents might want to consider renaming their coalition the K-12 and Community College Coalition for Michigan's Future," remarked Kinley.

"Now that the Presidents Council has withdrawn from the K-16 spending coalition, they are eligible to join our Coalition to Stop the K-16 Spending Mandate, a growing body of individuals and organizations who also believe in accountability and the legislative process," said Portis.

For more information on the K-16 spending proposal, visit the Web site of the Coalition to Stop the K-16 Spending Mandate at http://www.stopthespendingmandate.com/ .

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