Michigan Chamber Endorses 58 Business-Friendly Candidates For Michigan House Of Representatives

LANSING, Mich., July 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today announced their endorsement of 58 candidates seeking election to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2020.    

"We are pleased to announce the Michigan Chamber's endorsement of 14 outstanding individuals seeking election to the State House for the first time and another 44 incumbents seeking re-election," said Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley. "All of these candidates have demonstrated a strong commitment to free enterprise and a sincere desire to make Michigan the best state in the country to live, work, raise a family or build a business."

"The Chamber membership enthusiastically supports these candidates because they are committed to enacting common-sense policies based on personal responsibility limited government and free enterprise," noted Jim Holcomb, Senior Executive Vice President & General Counsel for the Michigan Chamber. 

"All candidates seeking election this year had an opportunity to participate in the Chamber's endorsement process by completing a candidate questionnaire and indicating where they stood on issues of critical importance to our members and the entire business community," said Studley. "The 58 candidates we are endorsing today actively sought our endorsement and we are encouraged that so many well qualified individuals are willing to enter public service."

"In several primary contests, we found multiple candidates to have positions supportive of Michigan's job providers and economic growth," said Holcomb. "Rather than make multiple endorsements, we have chosen to let the primary process play out in those races and will consider making additional endorsements following the August 4th Primary Election".

The following are the Michigan Chamber's endorsements for the Michigan House of Representatives:

District 4         Delorean Holmes (D)
District 8         Reggie Davis (D)
District 13      Tullio Liberati (D)
District 17      John Bellino (R)
District 19      Martha Ptashnik (R)
District 24      Steve Marino (R)
District 30      Dianna Farrington (R)
District 32      Pam Hornberger (R)
District 36      Doug Wozniak (R)
District 38      Sreenivas Cherukuri (R)
District 39      Ryan Berman (R)
District 41      Evan Agnello (R)
District 42      Ann Bollin (R)
District 43      Andrea Schroeder (R)
District 44      Matt Maddock (R)
District 45      Mark Tisdel (R)
District 46      John Reilly (R)
District 47      Meghan Reckling (R)
District 48      David Martin (R)
District 51      Mike Mueller (R)
District 56      T.C. Clements (R)
District 57      Bronna Kahle (R)
District 61      Bronwyn Haltom (R)
District 62      Dave Morgan (R)
District 63      Matt Hall (R)
District 64      Julie Alexander (R)
District 65      Sarah Lightner (R)
District 66      Beth Griffin (R)
District 70      Patrick. Outman (R)
District 71      Angela Witwer (D)
District 72      Steve Johnson (R)
District 73      Bryan Posthumus (R)
District 74      Mark Huizenga (R)
District 77      Tommy Brann (R)
District 78      Brad Paquette (R)
District 79      Pauline Wendzel (R)
District 80      Mary Whiteford (R)
District 81      Gary Eisen (R)
District 82      Gary Howell (R)
District 84      Phil Green (R)
District 86      Tom Albert (R)
District 87      Julie Calley (R)
District 88      Luke Meerman (R)
District 89      Jim Lilly (R)
District 90      Brad Slagh (R)
District 91      Greg VanWoerkom (R)
District 93      Graham Filler (R)
District 94      Rodney Wakeman (R)
District 97      Jason Wentworth (R)
District 98      Annette Glenn (R)
District99       Roger Hauck (R)
District 100    Scott VanSingel (R)
District 101    Jack O'Malley (R)
District 102    Michele Hoitenga (R)
District 103    Daire Rendon (R)
District 106    Sue Allor (R)
District 108    Beau LaFave (R)
District 110    Greg Markkanen (R)

The Michigan Chamber is a statewide business organization that represents approximately 5,000 employers, trade associations and local chambers of commerce. The Chamber represents businesses of every size and type in all 83 counties of the state. It was established in 1959 to be an advocate for Michigan job providers in the legislative, political and legal process.  www.michamber.com.  For more information regarding the Michigan Chamber, visit our website at www.michamber.com or contact John Zimmerman, marketing and communications executive at jzimmerman@michamber.com.

SOURCE Michigan Chamber of Commerce

For further information: Jim Holcomb, (517) 371-7696