Michigan Chamber Endorses Pete Hoekstra For U.S. Senate

LANSING, Mich., Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today announced its endorsement of Pete Hoekstra for U.S. Senate, noting that Michigan's working families and job providers cannot afford another six years of more of the same.

"Sadly, at a time when Michigan residents still need more and better jobs, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow has a cumulative voting record of only 33 percent with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on key bills that would have helped spark economic growth and job creation," noted Studley. "During her 12 years in the U.S. Senate, government spending has skyrocketed out of control; the federal government has accumulated a massive budget deficit; and Congress is now careening toward a fiscal cliff.

"Senator Stabenow has failed to stand up for free enterprise and failed to fight for fiscal responsibility," Studley continued. "It's time for a change.

"Pete Hoekstra possesses the private sector experience, leadership skills and vision needed to build Michigan and America's economic competitiveness, create jobs and move our country forward.

"Pete Hoekstra is the best choice for U.S. Senate and we are very pleased to highly recommend him to Michigan voters on November 6th," Studley concluded.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce is a statewide business organization representing approximately 6,800 employers, trade associations and local chambers of commerce. The Michigan Chamber represents businesses of every size and type in all 83 counties of the state. Michigan Chamber member businesses provide jobs to 1.5 million residents. One of every 2.6 employees in Michigan works for a Chamber member firm. The Michigan Chamber was established in 1959 to be an advocate for Michigan's job providers in the legislative, political and legal process. It is one of only six state chambers accredited by the U.S. Chamber and one of only four state chambers accredited with distinction.


SOURCE Michigan Chamber of Commerce

For further information: Rich Studley, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, +1-517-371-2100